Client Testimonials

"Over the years we’ve worked with countless voiceover artists all across the globe, and I can tell you that John McClain and the team at The Dog and Pony Show are the very best. John always takes the time to understand the vision for the project and never ceases to amaze us with his talent and enthusiasm. He’s kind, easy to work with and has never let us down. We will continue to work with him every chance we get!”


-Beau Miller

Executive Producer, FACTION Pictures

"John McClain and The Dog and Pony Show team have been a vital asset to our production company. Their service is unmatched with an incredible turn around time while providing a top notch audio quality. From providing the voice for a brand to the random outside of the box requests, The Dog and Pony Show continues to prove they have the resources and talent to be one of the top voice over providers in the industry."


- Travis Steward


"Talented. Accommodating. And a lot of fun to work with. These are three of the reasons I work with John McClain and Dog & Pony.  I’ve been bringing my audio work to John from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago since 1999. And on those odd occasions that I work at another house, things just don’t seem the same or sound as good. And, quite frankly, some other audio guys kind of gross me out."

— Doug Binder Binderama

"For the past eight years I have worked with john McClain, who, as my Audio Producer/Engineer, has shown himself to be exceedingly professional, diplomatic, creative and very production savvy in his understanding of deadlines and budget…I would highly recommend Dog and Pony Studios."

— Dona Shatford Peters, Executive Producer/Producer, Clarity Creative Group

"If I were to say we’ve never worked with another audio post production outfit besides Dog and Pony Show, I’d be lying; we’ve worked with several, from Vegas to L.A. to Chicago.  However, when I say that it’s the audio shop we work with most consistently, whether it’s a small budget corporate video or a national television spot, that’s no joke."

— Chad Hutson, President/Exec. Producer, eatdrink

"I’ve been working with John McClain since 1998 and in all that time my professional experiences have always been a genuine pleasure. His many talents and skills include an already-deep yet ever-growing knowledge of his craft and industry, the ability to bring fresh perspective, insight and energy to every project, great skill in directing the best performance from voice and musical talent, a genuine desire to create high-quality work and absolute fairness and honesty."

— Robert Laney, Executive Producer

"I have had the pleasure of working with John McClain and the Dog and Pony Show for the last several years. In the world of production where clients are constantly looking to surpass the highest expectation, The Dog and Pony Show is easily the best of the best. The laid back style of the facility in tandem with the latest in audio technology make working with John and his studio a “no brainer”."

Christopher Allen, Executive Producer, Maslen Entertainment

"I’m an independent director/editor doing work for Jive Records, Showtime Boxing, KNBC & MTV. My clients expect a NY or LA level of work when they come to Vegas so, when I need to supply them with an audio track or a great mix I go to Dog and Pony. Plus they’re fun people with a cool house and nice dogs. Oh, and the menu book is pretty good too."

— jonny, jonnyVEGAS Productions

"Working with Dog & Pony has been such a pleasant experience. The studio atmosphere makes one feel at home and helps the creative juices to flow. With MGM Mirage being the parent company of the most successful resort and casinos in Las Vegas, the work we request from John can be quite extensive. However, no matter what the job is, it’s done with consistent quality and professionalism."

— Chong Kim, Production Services Coordinator, MGM MIRAGE

"…he’s irreplaceable, his talents are immeasurable and we at MGM MIRAGE value his talent, attention to detail and great customer service."

— Jennifer Haller, MGM Mirage

"D&P has consistently delivered top shelf audio services for all of my clients. From corporate videos for Intel, Redken, IBM and Eli Lilly to TV and radio spots for The Aladdin Hotel and Casino, John and his hand picked staff of audio professionals always seem to come up with something special for each project. Add to that “Top Notch” gear(which mysteriously seems to grow after each years NAB show), a roster of voice talent that rivals any Los Angeles facility, and a cushy couch to crash on while your engineer works his magic, and that’s Dog and Pony Studios."

— Peter Gordon, Peter Gordon Productions