Sound Design


Designing soundscapes from our giant library of both found and captured sound effects is only the beginning. We strive to bring a unique sonic landscape to every project and are never afraid to go into the recording booth, tweak a synthesizer, or get out into the world to record or synthesize the perfect sound.


Custom Music


Whether you need a full movie score, a theme song for your game, 5 seconds to bring  your animated logo to life or a catchy jingle we have you covered. We compose music. Period. Every genre for every occasion. 

Mixing and Mastering


We pride ourselves on the mix work we do here at Dog and Pony Show. We even won a Grammy for it! Mixing is a crucial "make or break" for your project. We will take care handling each element of the mix  as no sound is too small. We will even handle the mastering so that all your audio is wrapped when we are done! 




Capturing the performance of inanimate objects is an art. Let us bring your visuals to life with realistic recordings that draw the viewer in and keep them there. 



It's what we do.



Let us edit your dialogue! We are huge podcast fans and love to edit through countless takes till we have chiseled your masterpiece  to your specifications.


(Automated Dialogue Replacement)

Come by and see how painless and easy we can make ADR!