Greetings Gory Reader of Death! 

Welcome to the maiden voyage of CERTAIN DEATH! with James von Boldt! I am your Dark Lord (a name a client of ours gave me after listening to a few selects of my music collection) and this is my corner of cyberspace where I enjoy the hammer smashed and utterly mutilated side of music and movies! It is no secret that I enjoy a wide range of what most people would consider to be extreme, horrific and brutal music and films...and while I am a sound designer, audio engineer and composer here at Dog and Pony Show, my passion for these flicks and this music has led to some pretty cool conversations with clients and friends of the studio who both enjoyed (at least for the moment) and did not enjoy hearing it. It has been so fun to hear outside opinions about extreme music and film in general that I thought I would go ahead and jot it all down here in our blog with the hope that more of these conversations could be eaten back to life. I will be reviewing extreme METAL records and HORROR movies and my hope is that you will check out the darker, twisted and often gory side of cinema as well as the louder and more abrasive sonic terror that is METAL in all of it's scariest forms. First up, a record that will surely wake you up on your morning commute to work faster than coffee ever could!

But first! A little backstory on why I chose the record I did...

We worked some serious overtime on a fan film called "Red Hood It" for the popular YouTube channel Robot Underdog which I have linked here should you wish to watch:


Long studio hours and late nights of sleep deprived collaboration can drive any creative person insane. I was doing everything in my power to hit deadlines but was obsessed with the quality of the music and sound design that I was bringing to the film. The anxiety was high and I lost my partner John McClain for a week to a family vacation he had planned prior to the film walking in the door. This album became my mantra. I seriously listened to it for months uninterrupted by any other band. It pulled me through the challenges of the film and drove me with a vicious and violent urgency. This album was in the trenches with me and became one of my all-time favorite metal albums ever.  


Prepare yourself for:


Nightbringers by The Black Dahlia Murder


Trevor Strnad – vocals

Brian Eschbach – guitars

Brandon Ellis – guitars

Max Lavelle – bass

Alan Cassidy – drums

Record Label: Metal Blade Records

I am not sure that it gets any better than this. I could just end the whole blog with this single album. Black Dahlia Murder's eighth studio album delivers everything in only nine songs! The opening track has this 1980's horror, synth style, hit that pulls you by your scalp, kicking and screaming into the opening guitar riffs that will make you shudder for what is to come. Nightbringers does not let go of you. It never gives you up nor lets you down. It's macabre and cinematic. Brian Eschbach and Brandon Ellis' guitars weave tales of epic Gothic horror while Alan Cassidy's drums find new ways to blast beat their way from track to track. Max Lavelle's bass lines rumble you with a rich tone dripping with aggression and especially shining in small sections where the bass guitar leads the song to the next great riff. Trevor Strnad's vocals either soar over the mix in high pitch shrieks and staccato screams or become a menacing, demonic rage of guttural low growls that are sure to make your dark side grin. This album is an animal. A beast from the lowest depths of hell and is sure to tickle the same part of your brain that enjoys movies like The Exorcist, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Rosemarry's Baby. I can not suggest it enough!

Metall Blade Records plays their band's vinyl on their YouTube channel for free so go ahead and have a listen on the house:

Thanks for reading! Now go listen and be utterly destroyed!

If you are a Spotify user My band The Night Stalker has a playlist called "DEATH METAL" where you can find more bands like this!