Dog and Pony Show is 14 years young.

When John McClain first opened our studio out of his home in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada he couldn't have known how far it would go and how many ears would hear his work. Today, John McClain and his partner James von Boldt  are carving Dog and Pony Show's sonic destiny with the same old work ethic and a brand new vigor. 


John McClain

Mixer/Lead Sound Designer

Love: The Outdoors

Favorite Band: Butch Walker and the Black Widows

Favorite Work to do: Podcasts

John McClain is a creative gadabout; a voice actor, an accomplished recording engineer and a sound designer and composer working across multiple genres.  John is the lead sound designer and owner of The Dog and Pony Show, a creative audio shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2001 he won a Grammy for his work with the late, great George Carlin and in 2010 his work brought him to the small screen as a voice actor, sound designer and composer on the Comedy Central Short series Shmitty, Mcfunkle and Stump. 

When not working in audio he likes to surf and ski with his wife and son, cook paella for his friends and enjoy his time on this little blue marble.




James von Boldt

Composer/Sound Designer/Mixer

Love: The Horror Genre

Favorite Band: The Misfits

Favorite Work to do: Video Game Sound & Music

Musician and sound designer James Von Boldt has a close relationship with all things audio. He’s proficient at almost any instrument (including some you’ve never heard of), and his synthesizer, beat programming and production skills are world class composing  in any genre.

James has composed custom music for many noteworthy clients and projects including the world's first "first person shooter" video game slot machine "Danger Arena" for GameCo,  Aristocrat games, MGM Las Vegas, Kevin Smith Smodcast  and Intel.  

Outside of Dog and Pony, James also self publishes original music in his band "The Night Stalker" and his DJ alias "Impostor."  James loves the horror genre with a passion and is an avid comic book reader, hard boiled detective and fantasy novel lover and enjoys a good RPG. 

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The Duo of John and James is unmatched. Between them is over fifty years of experience and hard work.